Evolution? what does it mean to us as artists? With the passage of time, our artistic styles evolve and assume new forms, whether by drastic metamorphosis, or by gradual nuanced progression.

Recently, I completed my painting “C’est Bleu” in acrylic. I purposefully chose the subject matter and colour scheme to be reminiscent of my previous work “Blue River”. It has been 15 years since I created “Blue River”.

With “C’est bleu”, I wanted to see whether I could re-create the aesthetic and style of “Blue River”. I wanted to see whether my current artistic capacity would allow me to reimagine a work from my past that I consider to be one of my statement pieces.

In the end, while I see many similarities between the two works, they are not the same. There is a modern evolution in the visual expression of “C’est bleu” that showcases my transformation as an artist. While both artworks represent a common theme, and have a common historical thread, there is an obvious stylistic progression in the recent work.

“C’est bleu” is a modern echo of my previous self, and represents the incremental metamorphosis of my artistic style throughout the years.

I am excited to see how my future works progress and change. Stay tuned!